Who am I?

Actor. Writer. Hufflepuff. Sassy. Optimistic. Easy-going. Creative. Ambitious.

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When you're a kid, you're often told by your parents that you can be whatever you want to be. So as a kid, you think, "Awesome! NASA, here I come!" Or, "The Olympics will definitely be in my future!" I mean, I didn't have either of those thoughts because 1) I never did well in Science and 2) I could never figure out how to stay on the beam when cartwheeling. 

However, I've always loved storytelling. There's just something about creating characters from scratch. You know how they tick, you know their motivation, their personalities, their dreams, and their fears. You know everything about them. They're your babies.

I'll admit, I started writing as a fan-fiction writer. Some people are embarrassed. "None of my friends know I do this." I don't know why being a fanfic writer is  something to be embarrassed by! It's literally having a favorite book, or a favorite show, and expanding upon a scene. It doesn't go the way you want it to? "No big deal, I'll WRITE how it should have gone." Or the opposite can prove true. "I LOVED this twist, but I wonder what would have happened if he'd acted this way..."

Flash forward through the rest of the season and several classes and performances later, I've got a Theatre degree, a novel written, two WIPs, and with every word I write, I fall more in love with this career.

Katie Costanzo.

Katie Costanzo.