I've been performing since I was in the second grade. During senior year, I decided to audition for my high school's spring musical, Footloose. I was also a cheerleader, and it was the middle of our competitive season. Auditioning for any of the leading roles was impossible, but I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. I had that feeling. You know that one, right? The one that says, you won't want to miss this. So I auditioned. I don't have a powerful voice, I mean, ask anyone and they'll tell you, "She doesn't have that great of a voice." But, like I said, the feeling to audition was there, and I did, and I was cast as a featured dancer, dancing in the majority of the numbers and having a ball doing it. They even added some tumbling into the choreography, which was pretty cool for the three cheerleaders that were cast.

The musical was a hit, the leading actors were beyond talented, the cast bonded extremely well, and the musical was a hit. With the final, standing ovation, I felt it. The adrenaline rush. The goosebumps. I'd gotten bit by the bug.

Flash forward 6 years, past obtaining a theatre degree and SAG-eligibility, and I'd done it. I'd moved to California. Family circumstances brought me home, but I have every intention of moving back. I loved it, truly. 

Until then though, I'll be auditioning for two of the world's biggest theme parks' Entertainment operations. I've actually got a callback for Universal tonight.