Just wait.

I'd mentioned a few posts back about auditioning, and while exhilarating for some (like it is for me), it can be nerve-wracking. Why? Well, aside from the fact that your audition starts from the moment you walk through the door, you've got ONE shot to sell yourself, to prove that you're the girl (or guy!) they're looking to cast.


This particular post is about an audition I had about a month ago, and a callback I had on January 17th (my birthday). What happened during that time was this: During the actual audition, there was a small room with three casting directors. They had us line up in five rows, and they asked us who our favorite animated characters are (Chip+Dale=bomb). While we were answering, they were typing us out. The people who didn't fit the type they were looking for went home and I'd made it through to the Animation Round. Woot!

Again, we all filed into rows, but this time, each row would be portraying a different animal. One was assigned a turtle, another a T-Rex, my group had to be zebras, and I don't quite remember the fourth group's assignment.


They then added we were supposed to be proud zebras. So I threw on the sass (I mean, proud=sassy obvi...)! I strutted across the room and did my thing and felt like a total fool (if you feel foolish, you're doing it right). 

Once the groups were done, and there were about 30 of us at this point, we had to file out and once again step outside while they deliberated for what felt like half an hour (but it was probably only ten).

A woman came out and thanked us for auditioning, and if they called our number, to follow her, and if not, to stay where we were.

They didn't call my number.

Y'all, my heart SANK. At another famous theme park company, their elimination process goes differently. If they call your number, you stay and if they don't, you leave. So that's what I was expecting here. I was with four other girls and one guy that I'd befriended who hadn't been called either, and every single one of us were bummed. 

And then we watched as the group of called numbers LEAVE THE AUDITION.

We all instantly perked up. "Do you think...?" "Wait, what?" "Holy crap!" 

"We'd like to call those of you remaining back to be fitted (that day happened to be my birthday)," she said.


The 17th came and went and we were told we'd hear back within three weeks. So I waited. And waited. And another audition came up for another role with Universal. I got a callback for that as well—sweet! And after that, I waited two days before I got an email. I checked it and it had said, "You are no longer in consideration for these roles."

Well, wait a second. This second audition I had only been fitted for two characters, but I'd also auditioned for another role (the birthday audition), and had been fitted for five.

Cue my confusion—and massive nerves. What about that first audition?

"Don't freak out yet," one of my friends said. "The email subject said the one audition, not both. Don't freak yet."

Okay, wise friend. Good point. I accepted that I didn't get the second audition, but you can understand my confusion, right? I mean, I'd auditioned for two things, and immediately heard back on the second—and it was a rejection of more than one role. So what about that first audition?!

A week passes. 

More nerves.

"No news is good news," said another friend.

More calming words. 

Nearly three weeks had passed, and I was starting to accept that maybe I didn't get the initial thing I'd auditioned for—the birthday callback. Which made the memory of my 25th a little sour.

But, there was a voice saying, "Don't lose hope just yet. Just wait."

So I did just that...because what else was I supposed to do? I wasn't about to contact them and risk pissing them off, so I kept my mouth shut and waited another three days. I was sitting at my laptop when I got the email. And I screamed.

Y'all, you don't understand how GOOD it feels to be cast. Unless you're an actor, then you totally get it. That YES, I'M DOING SOMETHING RIGHT WITH MY LIFE sense of utter euphoria that rushes over you in continuous waves? Yeah. There's nothing like it.

I'm super stoked to announce that until I can get back over to California, I'll be working in Entertainment at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.