And it's been awhile...

Cue music from Staind. 

Whoops. I can't believe nearly 3 months have flown by since my last post. I promise I'm doing productive stuff: readying to publish my first novel, entertaining at a world renowned theme park, and paying off debt! Guess which one is the most adult thing on that list? Lol. 

I've been struggling with hard choices lately. Whoever said adulthood is fun, lied. I want my childhood back, dammit! *shifty eyes* I mean...darnit...

Anyway, Yes. It's been a while. I'll try to make sure that doesn't happen again. I'm thinking about starting a YouTube channel. I mean, I kind of already did, but I got distracted and didn't keep up with it...kind of like this blog...hmm. There's a pattern, I think. But really! YouTube blogs are so much more personal than a website blog. It's much more present and personal, and I think that would be a better way of sharing things. That, and vlogs have the ability to be backed with music. And music is better than silence, so, yeah. Be on the lookout for vlogs.

Maybe. What do y'all even like watching? Random Beanboozled-type videos or "here is my breakfast" type videos? LOL.

Just kidding!

But really. Which ones?